FujiFilm X100F / Photography

Seaside, ice cream and a snooze.

I’ve read a lot of talk about choosing a theme when shooting on the street. Being somewhat of a novice when it comes to ‘street photography’ I thought I’d give it a go. I took my Fujifilm X100F on a day trip to the seaside, Eastbourne on the ‘sunshine coast’.

I hadn’t thought of a theme before I arrived but it soon became clear what that theme should be; the older generation. It was there in abundance! I wonder if Eastbourne has changed much over the past decades? I wonder how many years these folk have been coming back to the seaside for ice cream and a snooze? Or maybe they all live here?

FujiFilm X100F / Photography

First shots with my Fuji X100F

I finally managed to have a first play with my new Fuji X100F. To be honest it was also the first time that I’ve tried my hand at street photography! In addition to this, being a novice I didn’t really feel confident enough to be openly shooting people, so I tried shooting from the hip. With all of this taken into account I’m surprised I came back with anything (obviously that’s a matter of opinion)!
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